Many people assume chiropractic care is just for adults who suffer from back pain or neck pain. In fact, visiting the chiropractor for preventative adjustments is wise at any age, including the teen years. Here are three ways your teenage son or daughter can benefit from regular adjustments at our Dublin chiropractic office.

Decreased Risk of Injuries

Teens spend long hours sitting in class and hunched over their smartphones. Few have perfect posture, so this can have quite an impact on their spinal alignment. Even if the misalignment does not cause your teen obvious pain, it may interfere with his or her flexibility.

Decreased flexibility makes your teen more prone to injuries, especially when playing sports. Regular adjustments keep your teen’s spine in proper alignment, so he or she is better able to run, jump, catch, and play without straining a muscle or spraining a joint.

Improved Mood Stability

Teens certainly aren’t known for emotional stability. If your teen’s spine is out of alignment, back aches and pressure on nerves that control sleep patterns may keep your teen from getting good rest. Regular chiropractic adjustments should improve sleep quality, and a well rested teen usually a happier, more emotionally stable one.

Less Pain From Growth Spurts

Growth spurts can be painful for teens. When the bones grow faster than the muscles or vice versa, your teen may be awoken by cramping and discomfort at night. If your teen’s spine is out of alignment, these pains may be made worse by tension on certain muscles. Regular adjustments can help keep your teen comfortable during periods of rapid growth.

Chiropractic care is a safe, natural way to encourage overall health and well being, during the teen years and throughout life. Contact us to set up your teen’s first appointment today.