In most cases, the pain of whiplash fades away within a few days or weeks after a car crash or other traumatic accident. But sometimes, the neck pain can linger for months or even years. If you’re suffering from lingering whiplash symptoms, conventional medical treatments like pain relievers and steroid injections will only go so far. Chiropractic care is typically the safer and more effective choice for treating lingering whiplash symptoms.

Why do whiplash symptoms last so long?

When you initially suffer a whiplash injury, the muscles and tendons in your neck are strained. Sometimes they heal quickly and you don’t suffer any ongoing issues. Other times the muscles and tendons tighten up, and this tightening pulls the vertebrae in your neck out of alignment. The misaligned vertebrae place additional strain on the already sore muscles and tendons in your neck. Pain relievers may mask the discomfort, but until the vertebrae are put back into place, the soft tissues in your neck may never fully heal.

How do chiropractors treat whiplash?

Your chiropractor can adjust the spine in your neck. Once your vertebrae are back in place, the strain on your muscles and tendons will be relieved so they can finally heal. You may feel a bit of soreness and stiffness as your chiropractor manipulates your sore neck, but the process should not be overly painful. Your chiropractor will use gentle pressure to softly manipulate your joints back into place.

Though your neck may feel better after just one treatment, you’ll probably need several adjustments over a period of a few months in order to fully be rid of your lingering whiplash pain. The muscles and tendons will still be tight initially and may slowly pull the vertebrae back out of alignment, but with regular adjustments, your chiropractor can keep this process in check and promote healing.

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