You opened your browser and you looked for “signs and symptoms of carpal tunnel”. As you read through the list, it is finally starting to hit you. You may indeed have carpal tunnel syndrome. The first thing that comes to your mind is surgery. Are you going to need surgery? How am I going to pay for that?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a stress injury that is caused by a repeated motion. There are different ways for some to obtain carpal tunnel syndrome, but here are some of the more common ways for someone to get carpal tunnel syndrome:

  • Assembly line work
  • Typing
  • Gardening

You can be diagnosed with carpal tunnel after your doctor has given you an X-ray. You may also be given a physical exam.

Carpal tunnel surgery is an intrusive way to fix the issues you are having, but it does not mean all of the symptoms you experience will go away. After carpal tunnel surgery, it can take up to three months for one to recover.

There is something you should know. Surgery is not the only option. There are other ways to treat carpal tunnel syndrome.  An effective and less intrusive way to treat the symptoms of carpal tunnel is to seek chiropractic treatment. Your chiropractor will be able to determine if the symptoms you are experiencing are being caused by the spine.

Chiropractic treatment is definitely an option you should consider if you are looking for a treatment that is not safe and not invasive. If you are interested in chiropractic treatment, contact us today.