It is hard to live a normal life and not experience physical pain. Even those who are in excellent shape, including Tony Martin, have had their bouts. And if they’re stories aren’t enough to bring awareness to its prevalence, there is always National Pain Awareness Month. It takes place every fall and our Dublin chiropractic plans to welcome it by talking to patients about non-surgical approaches to achieving relief.

At Alexander Chiropractic, we have new office hours meant to help people learn how to deal with musculoskeletal pain organically. We are here Monday through Thursday, year round. So those unable to make an appointment for chiropractic care, Ideal Protein, laser therapy or massage visits during National Pain Awareness Month shouldn’t worry. We are prepared to have discussions about pain management after the national observance comes to an end.

And our pain management discussions go beyond the traditional sports or work related injuries. We can also provide guidance to those suffering from painful fat diseases, diabetes and other health problems that people may not automatically associate with chiropractic care. Plus, those with traditional muscle aches and pains can count on us to offer an array of time-tested solutions. For example, athletes with injured knees or hips may want to try the following combination:

  • Ideal Protein meals to stay in top form during rehabilitation
  • Laser therapy to coach the joints into healing faster
  • Chiropractic care to improve ambulation and increase flexibility
  • Massage to help with the stress associated with rehabilitation

To learn more about those solutions and set up a consultation during National Pain Awareness Month or beyond, please contact the Alexander Chiropractic staff members now.