It’s well understood that our bodies are multifaceted works of genius and require great care. However, when it comes to daily health, most folks overlook one of our bodies’ most important resources, the lymphatic system. It’s the one that controls the flow of interstitial fluid, fat-soluble vitamins and fats as well as works with the immune system to fight off foreign invaders. Thus, when it goes awry, the whole body is likely to feel the ripple effects. Good thing Dublin chiropractors know how to help put people’s lymphatic systems back on track.

How do Dublin chiropractors approach problems with people’s lymphatic systems? First, they look for areas that show signs of edema and broken, lymphatic vessels because they tend to be very easy to spot. The areas are typically characterized by widespread tenderness, localized redness and abnormal swelling. The doctors may also run tests to determine the health of patients’ lymphatic organs.

There are a number of organs that make up the lymph system and some may be examined by hand, like the nodes located in the neck, armpits and groin. Others may require thermography, sonar or other diagnostic methods to examine. These organs include, but don’t end with the spleen, tonsils and thymus. Once Dublin chiropractors have identified potential problem areas within patients’ lymphatic systems, they may proceed with addressing them through various means. That said, drainage efforts are often at the top of Dublin chiropractors’ treatment plans for patients with lymphatic related problems.

The majority of them use deep tissue massage and manual, musculoskeletal adjustments to push the wayward fluids where they need to go. However, it isn’t irregular for them to use professional grade, electric or battery-powered vibrating machines as well. They may be used at the outset of a chiropractic session to loosen up the muscles before the manual drainage procedures begin. To learn more about Dublin chiropractors’ ability to help patients care for the own lymphatic systems, please contact Alexander Chiropractic.