Over the centuries, many wonderful things have come from China and some have had a significant impact on our health. For instance, the ancient Chinese have taught us the importance of diet, herbs and spices in relation to pain. That’s why many of us believe in taking herbal supplements or tinctures to stave off neck pain. Among the key spices to that end are ginger, cinnamon, ginseng, rhubarb and licorice. It’s also part of the reason behind treating the condition with a combination of those herbs, Tai Chi and chiropractic care.

All three help chiropractic patients increase blood flow, flexibility and strength while reducing pain, toxins and related inflammation. As such, chiropractors may urge certain neck pain sufferers to change their daily supplements and add Tai Chi sessions to their weekly routines while maintaining an agreed upon, appointment schedule. In some instances, deep tissue massage may be added as well to help speed up pain relief and the healing process. In the process, neck pain patients may learn about the various styles of Tai Chi and find a favorite or two.

Some of the most beloved are based on the teachings of innumerable figures from Chinese history. The discipline’s list of founding figures includes, but isn’t restrained to Chen Wangting, Sun Lu-tang, Wu Yuxiang and Yang Lu-chan. For those that want to read up on the subject, we suggest starting with the June 2016 edition of The Journal of Pain. It contains information on an excellent study that highlights the modalities’ success rate. There are also a number of exercise videos available through the Arthritis Foundation that demonstrate some common, neck exercises that may be done at home.

Our chiropractic care staff can discuss those maneuvers with you further and help determine if they may resolve individual neck pain. We can also recommend a series of chiropractic visits and supplements to use as well. To set up an individualized consultation, please contact Alexander Chiropractic online today.